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Don't Panic, we're here to help.

Once you submit a domain transfer request on our website, you sould receive an email from us within 48 hours after submitting your transfer request. The email will ask you to either accept or decline the transfer to HostNesta. If you don't get this email then something went wrong. Read our most common issues below and what you need to do to fix it.

Common Reasons for Domain Transfers to fail:

  • Wrong EPP Code (Make sure to copy any special characters that are associated with the code. If you provided the wrong one please open a ticket with our Billing Department and provide the correct one)
  • Whois Protection Enabled (If you have Whois protection on your domain, it masks the email address's associated with your Technical and Admin contacts. You will need to disable Whois Protection and then contact our Billing Department so we can put in another transfer request for you.)
  • Email Address for Admin contact is invalid (If the email on the domain at the time you submit the transfer is invalid or not working then the transfer request will fail as the verification email will go nowhere. You will need to update the email contact on the domain and then submit a ticket to our Billing Department so we can put in another transfer request. You may wish to verify the email before asking us to submit another transfer request by first visiting domaintools.com and checking your domain.
  • Domain was recently transferred or registered within 90 days. (ICANN rules dictate that one cannot change the registrar of their domain name if they recently moved the domain or registered it within the past 90 days. If you submitted a transfer request to us and the domain is still within this period, the system will keep the domain as "Pending" and will automatically submit the transfer request once this period has been reached. You will then receive a confirmation email asking you to accept or decline the transfer. Once approved the domain should be visible in your Client Portal as an "Active" and fully manageable domain name.

Regardless of the potential reason for your domain failing to transfer, please check the above to see if your domain applies to any of the following and then submit a ticket to our Billing Department where we can provide a full explanation as to why the domain failed to transfer and how can fix the issue.

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