We are a company providing cheap, affordale, low-cost and budget web hosting, and allied services to our clients since 2009. Over a decade of experience has given us an edge over other companies providing similar services.



Every reason why you should prefer our services over those of our competitors.

About Us

HostNesta.com a simple incubetor for desperate and passionate web dreamers. In challenging times like now due to market saturation and high competition, HostNesta's main goal is to offer customers an exceptional experience with the lowest prices.

HostNesta goal is to become a leading hosting company, providing cheap and affordable web hosting prices where every user around the globe can enjoy our service.

Started 2009. Over 13years experience. More than 103,000 happy clients served.

Data Center Loctions

HostNesta has Server located in 17+ locations including USA, Canada, Asia as well as Europe, to serve the large base of our thousands of clients from all over the world. Each and every servers are connected to a 1000 Mbps strong connection lines that guarantees enhanced performance along with excellent stability.

The data stored on each and servers is secured by several levels of foolproof, secure, RAID-10 and daily/weekly data backups by real humans.

In the event of any unexpected incident or occasion, we can easily restore your hosting account and related data in just few minutes. They configure full, partial as well as incremental backups for everyone of the hosting accounts to make sure the data of your website is secure.


We accept clients from all over the world without any restrictions. No matter your country, race or colour, you can as well make use of our services.

World Wide
Web Hosting for ALL
Global Coverage.


Why pay more for something you can get for the price of a cup of coffee and even less?

Our primary focus in developing our products is high quality and ease of use; we believe that simplicity is the key to a satisfactory experience. Rigorous application of this approach has made our products the foundation on which our client's satisfaction is built. And best of all, the pricing which everyone can support.

Cheapest web Hosting. That is what you get. No hidden charges. No future price hikes. Simple pricing for the best experience.


We understand that the cybersecurity industry is always developing. The need for protection online is long past the point of being something that’s up for debate; now, we’ve reached a point where it comes down to choosing the hosting provider that employs only the most up-to-date and state-of-the-art technology to keep you protected. At HostNesta, we’re a team of experienced industry professionals, and it was our wide range of expertise that brought us together. You can count on us to keep your systems and operations under lock and key.

There are no half measures. Our servers employ the perfect blend of speed and stability, so you never need to worry about picking the feature that matters most. We’re equipped to handle anything your website needs.


Experience has taught us that long term retention of clients can be built only if clients are continuously satisfied; therefore, we give this the highest priority. We also understand that referrals only follow full approval of our services creating a win-win relationship for the company and our relationship.

Whether you are businessman with no website design experience or a professional website designer we know what you need to design a great website. Not only do we know but have provided everything you might need. Our package is complete; you will not have to buy anything. Our quality equals the best of anything you can buy on the net.